Teiimo @Bits&Pretzels 2019

Bits & Pretzels in Munich is one of the largest events for successful founders and start-ups – and Teiimo is part of this year’s exhibition!

On Monday, September 30, we are presenting a powerful solution for the medical and healthcare sector. At our booth ST25 we demonstrate how our Teiimo system captures and transmits a patient’s heart rate data in real time while he is exercising.

Our inhouse developed systems consists of sensors, conductors and electronic unit and can be integrated into a garment as for example a t-shirt in a way that the system is not perceptible to the user. It captures biometric and position data and makes them available for analysis with modern IT solutions. The advantages especially for medical and healthcare applications are huge. The system is easy to handle and very comfortable to wear, patients don’t notice it while it is doing its job. At the same time, it provides doctors with life-saving data as heart rate or heart rate variability. In preventive care or for monitoring patients (e.g. long-term ECG) as well as in rehab, doctor’s offices, hospitals the Teiimo system can deliver valuable data (e.g. about stress or breathing). Data is safely (according existing privacy policies) transmitted live in high resolution via wireless technology by using radio links, IoT technology or proprietary systems.

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