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iilation Jacket – Heated Leather Jacket with Integrated Bluetooth System, Handsfree Set (Microphone and Speakers) and Cellphone Charger

The classic elegant iilation Jacket is the world’s first leather jacket that heats the shoulders, back, neck, and kidneys and serves as a Bluetooth hands free calling device, plays music, and offers cell phone charging capability.

Look and Feel

The jacket of the finest and very soft German cowhide leather is hand made in Germany. The heated collar and the cuffs are made of the finest knit wool. The lining consists of German made Lochvoil antismell combined with rayon taffeta. The center of the back is made with a quilt pattern wool insulation and accented with matching colors. Visually, the inner lining is separated by a nappa leather strip, which is placed on a horizontal line in a technically complex fashion. The jacket has two generously sized interior pockets. The front zippers are two way.

The iilation Jacket is available in the classically elegant men’s edition and the fashionably tailored ladies variety.

Tightly tailored and hip length lines stitched with deliberately placed seams produce the very slim, classically casual silhouette of the ladies jacket.

The hip length and casual cut of the men’s jacket is defined through its calm and classic lines; yoke seams in the front and back form the only visible seams, to create the jacket’s light appearance.


The iilation Jacket warms through two heating zones that can be independently controlled. The upper zone warms the neck, shoulders, and the upper back. The lower zone warms the lower back and kidneys. The ladies’ jacket has additional heating in the jacket pockets. A chic user interface in the jacket pocket allows the heating to be adjusted to five different levels. The iilation Jacket provides comfortable warmth. Integrated sensors monitor the temperatures inside the jacket.


The iilation Jacket can be connected to cell phones via Bluetooth and can be used as a hands free calling device; a microphone and two small but effective speakers are integrated into the collar. Calls can easily be taken through discrete buttons integrated into the left sleeve. There is also an audio amplifier inside the jacket. Not only can you make phone calls with the jacket, you can also listen to music.


Cell phones can be connected to the standardized USB output in a jacket pocket. The cell phone can be charged while you take a walk—and still the iilation Jacket ensures connectivity.


The very thin, flexible, and light weight rechargeable batteries in the sleeve pockets can heat the jacket for up to six hours and can be charged with the integrated cable in as little as two hours. The batteries are novel LiIon battery packs, that have been developed specifically for the jacket.

In the car, the iilation Jacket can easily be powered through the cigarette lighter outlet. Cables to connect to the car are located in both the left and right pocket, to prevent wire tangles.

Signature Sign

The unique trademark of the iilation Jackets are the two small lights on the jacket sleeve. The logo for the iilation Jacket pulsates slightly in regular intervals. This is how you can tell at first glance that this jacket is more than simply a high-end and high quality jacket.


The iilation package contains

. Jacket with integrated electronic functionality

. Rechargeable battery system (two batteries)

. Cable set for car power supply

. A power supply for fast charging (approx. 1.5-2 h)

. User manual

. A container with dubbin and a soft cloth – because we want you to enjoy your iilation Jacket for a very long time


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