Engineering and Consulting

Wearable electronics, wearable technology, smart garments, intelligent textiles – we don’t know how you call it. And to us it doesn’t matter. What matters to us is your idea, your goal to succeed in a growing but challenging market. We work with you on product concepts, technology requirements, electronic systems and develop a solution specifically for your application (e.g. wireless transmission technology, sensor applications, GPS). We take care of the system integration of your existing technology. We consult on market entry strategies and the right technology choice.

Prototypes are easy to make. Real products are a whole different story. That is why the industrialization of the product is part of the plan. Right from the start. We help you make products that break through.

There is a lot of brilliant technology coming out of research. We help bridge the gap between two worlds: international research and industry. We connect research organizations and industry partners.

Whatever we come up with for you – we can rely on our strong network of suppliers and partners. Even for novel or tricky tasks.