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Teiimo GmbH is among the top companies for textile system integration in the field of conformable electronics. Teiimo technology allow for integrating sensors and electronic functions into a second skin. The garment becomes a sensing device that captures biometric and location data in real time and for post-session analysis.

Founder Markus Strecker and his team have developed novel structural designs and textile processes, sensors, conductors and interconnect technology focused on textile integration. Miniaturized state of the art electronics including latest wireless communication technology and customized algorithms accompany the textiles. Based on the proprietary core technology the Teiimo team creates innovative textile-integrated systems for measuring and transmitting body and position data with a broad variety of applications in areas such as wellbeing, active assisted living, medical, sports and work safety. The systems are easy to use and machine washable. In 2017 Teiimo unveiled the iinMotion system, a novel training system for endurance athletes.

Applications in Wellbeing and Healthcare

Peace of mind: Remote monitoring solutions in order to help people who are in need of care live safely  

Applications in Medical

Data in medical quality from a smart garment: Teiimo technology allows for placing sensors freely in the garments and capturing highly granular data such as ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, 1- to 12-lead ECG in medical quality.

Applications in Sports

iinMotion by Teiimo – Training. Simpliingenious
Smart training system for endurance athletes.

Custom Development and Sensors

Customized solutions for applications in wellbeing, healthcare, medical, sports, work safety

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