Technologies in Motion

“Technology follows comfort, form, and function. This is our motto. We take a holistic system approach and aim for integrating electronic functionality into garments in a way that makes it imperceptible to the user.” – CEO and founder Markus Strecker


Teiimo is one of the leaders in textile system integration in the field of conformable electronics. As development and technology partner we help companies and organizations develop and industrialize products that break through in the wearable technology market. We support with in-depth consulting and engineering services. We develop interconnect solutions that make seamless integration of electronic systems possible.

Our motto: “technology follows comfort, form and function“.

Sometimes components that are already available don’t let us stay true to our motto. Then we fill the gap and develop missing components. As for example textile wires.

Not only do we develop components and systems, we also design complete products. Among our focus markets are sports and healthcare.

Tracking, sensing, communication, heating, light, these and other functionalities are our daily business.

Teiimo is setting technologies in motion. Today. Worldwide.
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