About us

Teiimo was founded by Markus Strecker, renowned expert for wearable technologies of many years. 14 years ago he developed the world’s first “communication and Entertainment jacket” for O’Neill called “The Hub”. The Hub was produced in a fully industrial environment, and the fabrication was scalable. It was closely followed by the Rosner MP3 Blue jacket that was based on the same technology platform. Many other products followed.

The company’s vision is to make life easier, more comfortable and more fun. With Teiimo products and applications technology always follows function and comfort. Never the other way round.

In 2014 Teiimo introduced its first product: the iilation Jacket, a luxury leather jacket that heats the shoulders, back, neck, kidneys and serves as a Bluetooth hands free calling device, plays music, and offers cell phone charging capability.

Teiimo is setting technologies in motion. Today. Worldwide.